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You’re busy right? Show me someone who isn’t! You love what you do but there is always more that needs doing, but you don’t necessarily want to add another member of staff to your headcount on a permanent basis. Goodness knows what’s on your list, but I would hazard a guess that it could be any of the following…

Finding new sales opportunities? Wellbeing audit of your teams? Marketing strategies and brands to be developed? Business plans to be reviewed or even written? Organisational structure rethinks? Employee engagement check in? Communication planning and execution? And the list goes on…

Well, here’s the good news, I understand your pain points. Think of me as your extra pair of hands and eyes for however long you need me. A day, a few days, a week or longer. A very useful business friend – happy and willing to follow your agenda and help, some might call me a business coach or management consultant.

I have been recognised throughout my working career as “the one” who brings energy and vitality into business situations. My approach works at any level and can be applied in so many situations – whether that’s managing periods of change, or helping new teams get established. 


Working across a business I can get teams involved, bought in and aligned behind an agreed vision, mission, purpose and values. Ones that everybody buys into and aren’t just pieces of paper stuck to the walls that no one pays any attention to. Collaborative and energising workshops are the starting point for this.

Once agreed, then the fun really begins working with you to plan the communication of the key messages and the process  to bake them into your business DNA to really bring them to life and make an integral part of your culture and language.

I know you love your business and are passionate about what you do, but sometimes your voice and communication to the world needs a refresh and dial up to ensure your messages are on point, fresh, relevant and will be more articulate than your competitors.

Working with you to gain a full understanding of you and your business, I can prepare a fresh set of core messaging combined with a updated look and feel if needed.  Once signed off and agreed I can help you develop a content and marketing plan based around the messaging that gets you noticed and being talked about.  This could include PR  in its many guises – including award submissions.

No doubt your HR manager and team are flat out managing the day to day business really well but there are projects to be done and some extra resource and an experienced fresh pair of eyes would make all the difference and get them done and done well.  These could be:

  • Understanding the engagement levels in the business and how to improve them
  • Losing staff to nearby companies  – Why? Let’s find out?
  • Internal communication planning – who does not have the cry in their business “communication could be better”?   Let’s understand what’s wanted, freshen it up and make your comms work better.  I know, I know – this one falls between the HR and Marketing teams – perfect, I can wear both my hats and help you get it sorted.

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