Wellbeing Matters - EVEN IN WORK

Wellbeing is now firmly on everyone’s agenda – as it should be!

Credible research studies have linked the importance of wellbeing and employee engagement to attrition and productivity. With poor mental health costing the UK economy between £33billion and £42billion a year, (this is equivalent to £1,205-£1,560 for every employee in the UK workforce) the pressure to consider and review organisational culture has never been more important.

Combine that with the uncomfortable fact that almost 50% of employees are reporting stress and anxiety as being normal in the work place puts any organisation in the spotlight to morally ensure that they have  robust, credible and accessible wellbeing plans in place to support all their people – that work. This is not something that can just be left to the HR Director to sort, or solved by having a “fruit bowl” Wednesday focus.

It’s ok if you feel you’ve not been ticking the wellbeing boxes. The important thing now is that you do something about it, to help your workforce and your company find its wellbeing mojo.

Working with you, I’ll get under the skin of your organisation to understand what’s currently in place from a wellbeing perspective, and what is working / not working. I’ll then help you build a plan of action, an effective wellbeing strategy that genuinely makes a difference to the happiness of your employees and success of your business.

No two businesses or workforces are the same, so we’ll tailor your wellbeing strategy to the needs of your organisation and the people within it – so that they actually benefit from it.


Work with you to review whats currently in place (or maybe not) and then help to build a Wellbeing strategy that works for the business and the people in it.  I would encourage a collaborative approach – working with teams from across the business to make it real and relevant.

As a qualified mental health first aider, I can work with you to develop awareness sessions for managers and key member of staff to help them feel better able to support their teams and people at the appropriate time.  Sessions and content tailored and delivered the way you choose

Let’s get the business moving, click here, you know it makes sense!

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