With a lack of work/life balance being one of the main drivers for an employee leaving a business, bringing movement and physical exercise into the working day can really help relieve the time pressures that can prevent your employees from getting active outside of work.

For this reason, where appropriate, I try to introduce physical activity to your wellbeing strategy.

The benefits of regular exercise are often talked about and most people know its a good way of getting fitter, stronger, healthier and losing weight (if that’s needed). However, there is also increasing evidence that regular exercise supports our mental wellbeing and helps us to cope in our busy and at times turbulent lives.

A further massive benefit (which might seem counter-productive to a business owner) is getting people away from screens of any shape or size and encouraging them to be mindfully present with the environment, the activity and their body.

Despite these benefits – people often find it hard to find the motivation and time to commit to regular exercise, or they set out with good intentions and probably do too much too quickly, or simply can’t find the motivation to keep going. Having an experienced run/walk leader, with a regular programme of activity in a safe and supportive environment will encourage people to keep going and help them make exercise a regular habit in their lives – be that running, walking or exercise of their choice.


These can be one off sessions or a series of weekly sessions, to start a “movement” within your business. My role will be to facilitate a walk based on the group’s requirements and abilities. The overall objective of each session will be to get people moving, walking mindfully, raising the heart rate slightly, get oxygen moving round the body and provide an opportunity to be outdoors. Encouraging your employees to step away from their desks so that they can explore and enjoy the local area will really improve their work output for the rest of the day, as well as their mental health and wellbeing.

These sessions can take place at any time of the day – but I promise, once you harness the mojo created by getting your team out of the office in their lunch hours, late morning or early afternoon for 30-60 minutes, you’ll notice significant improvements in morale and performance.

Working with a team leader or manager, I will plan and facilitate a “walking team meeting” factoring in attendees, time and duration. My role is to plan the route, keep the team together and lead the walk from a physical point of view – leaving the manager and team free to discuss whatever needs to be discussed. With oxygen flowing and endorphins jumping around as a result of moving – the ideas will be significantly more powerful than those you would get from a group of people sat around a meeting room table. Time can be built in at the end to summarise the walk/discussions/meeting and agree actions etc. The team will also bond and benefit from doing something “different” together as well.

An eight week programme for those people who either don’t run, are struggling to get into running or haven’t run for a long time… but whatever the situation, want to have a go! Over the eight weeks I will coach the group to gently and gradually build up their running skills until they can run for 30 minutes at their own pace – an achievement that no doubt will give them the running bug for life!

The key to this is meeting the group once a week at an agreed time for a 45-60 minute exercise and coaching session. Two homework sessions are set and each person is encouraged to undertake these before the next session the following week to keep up momentum. The emphasis is on running at the pace of chat, building confidence, self-esteem, friendships and, above all, enjoying the session. Past courses have led to a desire within participants to make running a regular activity for fitness, wellbeing and headspace.

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