3 BT’s. Marmalade making, comfort reading and contact

Marmalade making
I have more time and I have learnt to be more patient, which in turn means I can now attempt creative things like ” marmalade making”, so I have! A lot of chopping and prep, but end result for first effort is – I have to say, quite good. I give you grapefruit and chilli marmalade, enjoyed this morning on toast with coffee and the decision to give myself a slow, cozy, rest kind of type day.

Comfort reading
With said slow, cozy day, I chose to comfort read. A book I have read many times, but for whatever reason comforts and transports me. Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher (I love all her books). Old fashioned, homely, traditional, happyish endings, nothing to complicated and always set in Cornwall or Scotland. Just lovely – for me anyway.

“Pick up the phone Jo, make an effort” to speak to people who need you and you need them. So I did – two phone calls of absorbing chat and catching up. I feel better, I hope they do as well.