3 BT’s. A run, music, baking

A run
It’s Saturday again (already – despite lockdown groundhog type days), so a run – this time with running buddy Nicki, off on the trails. Mud galore, chat, puffing and panting and just the sheer delight and gratitude to be out, moving and able.
PS – cleaned my own shoes this week

Errands to run for people who can’t get out. Had to go in the car, turned up the tunes and just loved the high from listening to some fave grooves, up loud, my music and no-one else to consider. For the record (no pun intended) – Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive”, appropriate for COVID times…..

Not known for my patience, combined with lack of time – means baking has never been high on my agenda of things to do, but today saw me turn out my third “no knead loaf – a la Nigella and last night I put home made pizza (yep dough and all) on the table. It was very yummy and even better, I made an extra one that we heated up for lunch today. I love leftovers.