3 BT’s. A smile, misty stomp and time

A smile

I picked my daughter up from the outpatients department at our local hospital today. She has been on a long journey involving stress fractures in her feet and other stuff. Smiles today, lots of work still to do – but onto the next stage of recovery and getting on with life. My girl is a true resilience warrior, I learn a lot from her.

Misty stomp

Checked my calendar, no meetings and all scheduled work could be parked till later in the week. A stomp in the mist across our nearby green space was calling. The mist was strangely comforting and felt like a soft blanket over our broken and battered world.


Grateful for time today…… every time I checked the time, I seemed to have more of it. Very unusual, but meant I could fit in all sorts of things including contacting and talking to two people I haven’t spoken to in ages – both were uplifting calls