3 BT’s. Clean running shoes, challenge done, absorbing TV

Clean running shoes
If you follow me on Strava, you will know that my running antics often see me hitting the trails and running and sliding through mud. As a result my running shoes are always filthy, living on the front door mat, with me never cleaning them, seems pointless when they are only going to get muddy again – right? Anyway, the shoe cleaning fairy took over after my last run and they now look as good as new. My lovely partner had scrubbed them down and left them sparkly clean. What a lovely random act of kindness. So on todays run, I treated them to no mud!

Challenge done
Sticking to the running theme (keeps me sane), I generally exit the front door and turn left or right and plod along. However, I have set myself a little challenge in Jan to run up some hills once a week. Today was the day, I didn’t want to do it – but I did. Nice work Jo

Absorbing TV
We finally took out a Netflix subscription just before Christmas so are now ploughing through the epic series “The Crown”. What wonderful television – entertainment, a bit of history and lots of Matt Smith brilliantly playing Prince Philip. So distracting, I forget its lockdown.