3BT’s. Snow hush, Sunday roast and brothers

Snow hush

My neighbourhood woke to the hush that only a download of snow can bring. A soft, bright quietness that exists on no other day of the year, not even Christmas Day comes close anymore. Proper powdery snow that lasted beyond lunchtime, was enough for snowmen to be made and left like random islands as the snow melted away.

Sunday roast

Familiar rituals and traditions, therapeutic admidst the uncertainty and unsettledness of these pandemic times. Shopping, preparation, sharing and gentle conversation over dinner. Grateful to have someone to cook and eat with. Sadness as well that not everyone I live with can join in the simple (to most of us) everyday ritual of sharing and catching up over food.


A zoom to catch up with my three brothers, a chance to reflect on the day nine years ago that our Mum passed away and just have general sibling banter and debate. Though, like every other conversation dominated by Covid-19, lockdown times and when will this all end. But also just a lovely catch up, peering into the grainy world of zoom, soaking up familiar faces, voices and wondering just when we will all see each other for real again. But, once more – counting blessings all well and safe. Thank you