3BT’s. Frosty run, hibernation habits and doorstep breathers

Frosty run with blue skies
My weekend is always off to a good start if I get outside early doors for a run and natter with a running buddy. Today was no exception with a fabulous lady I have met through the “This Mums Runs” community. Christina’s very nearly first words this morning were “OMG – I need a download and therapy”, “only too happy” and right back at you! The sun shone, we skidded around in mud and on icy patches, puffed and panted, despaired about COVID 19 and lockdown and counted our blessings. Just mainly in the groove, putting one foot in front of the other and were mostly just truly glad to be healthy and well enough to be out and moving and connected.

Hibernation Habits
To cope with Lockdown, trying to think of it as “hibernation time” instead of restrictions. Focusing on appreciating my home, resting and relaxing (hard for me), cheerful £1 bunches of daffodils from the greengrocer in a jug on the table, immersion in Netflix series (concentrate Jo, concentrate), sort, tidy, clean and sometimes even knit a row or two.

Doorstep breathers
Taking moments to open the front door and make sure the world is still there. Usually at night, in the dark and cold. Just standing and listening to make sure life is still going around……. hello, hello I am here.