It’s good to look back, give it a go

Whilst I am a big fan of trying to live in the moment (we can’t change yesterday and we can’t accurately predict tomorrow), I do think it can be hugely positive and rewarding to look back and reflect.

Why bother? Because, spending a little time doing this can help us realise what we have achieved, how far we have travelled and the positive changes we have made over a period of time. Almost a line in the sand and the opportunity to give ourselves a bit of recognition and kudos for making it to wherever we are today – maybe literally or metaphorically.

Thinking literally – when I am out on a long walk in the countryside, up and down hills (and sometimes mountains), I stop for a breather and look back from where I have walked – I can not believe the distance covered, it spurs me on for the next stretch of my walk and certainly helps to keep me going.

So, why not apply this approach in the not so literal sense, like looking back on coping with adversity, difficult times, periods of change, times of growth and development. Stopping and reflecting can help us realise just how far we have come and what we have achieved on the way.

I would suggest that now is the appropriate time to do that, not only is it traditionally the time of year to do this (year-end and a new year starting), but we are of course about to complete some 9-10 months of living through a global pandemic. Many of us are worn-out, deflated, demoralised and quite frankly fed up with the whole thing. Not much Christmas cheer around the corner, the pubs are still closed (well they are in my tier three-zone) and no one is quite sure where they are in the queue for the vaccination and how exactly the whole world is going to be vaccinated and the virus halted in its tracks.

By taking a moment, looking back and noting down everything you have accomplished, no matter how small or big, work or non-work related, you will hopefully feel a sense of achievement, satisfaction and maybe even a bit of a warm glow. What a way to boost your self-esteem, your wellbeing and gear you up for the next few weeks and months. You will also be making a deposit into your personal resilience bank. More on that in a future blog.

Go on – give it a go. Here is the start of my list:

– Created and run webinars around wellbeing themes and received positive feedback.

– Organised a virtual running/walking challenge for a group of ladies, we ran the equivalent of over 100 marathons and raised over £1000 for a local charity.

– Became a member of the local COVID-19 community response team, took a while to work my way in, but now part of the team playing quite a small role, but know I have made a difference to people shielding at home.

– Have concertedly viewed social media less – hurrah!

– Continued to run and in fact, it looks like my STRAVA total for the year will be close to 800 miles.

– At least five wild swimming attempts – sea, river and lakes. May wait till Spring for more of those.

– Have learnt to be more patient with people – whose brains don’t work at the same pace as mine.

– Despite COVID-19 have remained busy from a work perspective, gradually building up my consultancy. If I sound surprised, I am!

– Supported my beautiful daughter with her plans to live independently.

– Knitting – yep, I kid you not. A blanket nearly exists.

– Learnt to enjoy a slower pace of life – one of the positives of lockdown living.

– Started to write a book…… well scribbled some thoughts down, but every great author starts somewhere right?